There was a lot of controversy before Pakistan cricket team departed for India for the T20 World Cup. In a press conference Afridi said that he got more love from fans in India than he did back home. This statement made by the superstar caused a lot questions being posed on him.

There were fans and celebrities that came in support of Afridi and explained the situation to make it clear that Afridi didn’t mean what was made out of his statement.

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Fawad Khan:

Fawad Khan had this to say,

“What happened with Afridi, I think it happens everywhere and anywhere — someone comes and creates an issue over nothing. What Afridi said was in some other context but something else was made out of it. “I feel he gave the statement to ease the air. It was a momentary thing and someone tried to take advantage of that and blew it out of proportion. It doesn’t mean that anyone can question his patriotism. He is a very proud Pakistani. And we are proud to have him as a representative of our country.”

Fawad Khan Reacts To Shahid Afridi’s Statement Of Getting More Love In India Than Pakistan!

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Fahad Mustafa:
Fahad Mustafa who is popular among the fans said that Afridi was a patriotic man and added,
“Ghalti sub se ho jati hai.”

Actress Meera too had a message for Shahid Afridi and said that;

“the players give more of their opinions rather than playing”.

Speaking to the media in Lahore in a press conference, Meera said;

“Please play very well. You’re in India representing Pakistan and you have to return as winners. Don’t give into the pressure, give the pressure. I hope you play well.”

“We have a team of confident performers; it’s one of the best in the world. I’m sure they’ll play superbly.”

Imran Khan:
Imran Khan’s reply on Afridi’s controversial statement:

In order to tone down the controversy, Afridi clarified that he did not intend to disrespect his fans.

“I was only trying to send a positive message in a diplomatic way,” Afridi explained.

“Whatever I am today, is only because of Pakistan and the fans in Pakistan. Nothing is more important to me than Pakistan and people of Pakistan,” he added.

The skipper further stated, “I am not just the captain of Pakistan’s cricket team I am representing the whole country here. The one statement I gave recently should be taken as positive.”

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