Celebrities Tweet In Favour Of Mawra Hocane

While there are many people who are severely criticizing Mawra even after her open letter, there are many celebrities who think that Mawra did the right thing by writing the letter and there are also those who think that some people are unnecessarily pushing the issue to a point where Mawra will be banned. Meesha Shafi’s tweet shows that she is not happy with Shaan’s statement, Mahira Khan is also happy that Mawra Hocane did not hold her opinion back and Fahad Mustafa comforted Mawra Hocane by telling her she is as much of a Pakistani as anyone else living here. Adnan Malik thinks that Mawra is being targeted because she is a woman. There are also celebrities who think that Mawra’s open letter was a much more mature response than Shaan’s call to get Mawra banned. The celebrities from across the border supported Mawra too.