What exactly is Pakistan Idol? Talent hunt, opportunity to aspiring singers OR insults?

Pakistan Idol, probably one of the biggest platforms for aspiring singers, was a much awaited arrival. Much excitement had been witnessed on social media ever since the announcement of schedule of auditions while a vast majority waited for the episodes to be aired.

Sponsored by big names including Pepsi, Mobilink, Q-Mobile and Clear, Pakistan Idol has been brought by Geo Television Network. The official website of Pakistan Idol claims it to be “Dil Ki Awaz (Sound of the Heart), The Biggest Singing Platform, Comes to Pakistan, Gracing Your TV Screens Soon… “, with Bushra Ansari, Hadiqa Kiyani and Ali Azmat as judges and Mohib Mirza as the host.

Ever since the commencement of airing of episodes, Pakistan Idol has been the talk of the town. The viewing was followed by the expected agreements and disagreements of the judges’ decisions to the qualification of the judges themselves, to favorites and not so favorites and many more such subjective nuances with a number of people on each side of the argument. While such debates will continue for much time to come, there are certain issues which cannot and must not be taken lightly.
Have a look at this video where Judges are insulting Contestants and making fun of them!

An episode of Pakistan Idol was aired where a contestant was attacked personally by Ali Azmat and supported by Bushra Ansari. In this particular episode, Ali Azmat makes fun of the contestant in a derogatory manner, insults him on a public forum and derives utter pleasure out of his acts. Considering the age and stature, it would be expected that Bushra Ansari would check the situation. However, to the surprise of many, she too joins in and mocks the contestant. Hadiqa, on the other hand, seems to be one of the sane ones and tries to scale it down as the contestant’s eyes well-up from the constant personal blows by the other two judges.

It is pertinent to mention that this is just one example while there have been other instances where the looks and other physical attributes have been commented upon. This behavior did not go un-checked and was followed by a public outcry. Even renowned Dr. Shahid Masood, along with many others reacted on social media.

Pakistan Idol, in response to the claim on your website “Gracing Your TV Screens”, what has been witnessed is utter disgrace. Perhaps it may be in the best interest of the sponsors to reconsider overall stance. What exactly is sponsored here? Talent hunt, opportunity to aspiring singers OR insults, derogatory (possibly illegal) behavior?