Although Danish Taimoor was somewhat a drama serial actor initially but after her movie Wrong Number the actors is content on keeping is route on the same roads rather than wanting to go back to the drama industry.

The reason behind the decision as explained by Danish is that movie actors are like specialized in their areas and in the case of dramas its not the case. The actor also expressed the fact that in a few years time, the film actors will stick to movies only.

The amazing fact about this was that when this all was revealed, it was also the first time that the couple (Aiza and Danish) had their daughter appearing on screen. The actor went on saying that his upcoming movie Tum He Tou Ho would be very entertaining and the audience would like it.

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Danish also said that due to working in movies like Wrong Number gave him friends like Yasir Nawaz that he meets regularly now due to the project. Another thing revealed was that Danish only does the movies that are approved by Aiza after she reads the script.

However, despite all the talks about Danish Aiza remained somewhat silent and refrained from speaking about her acting in any projects.