What keeps fans increasing and keep and interest in their stars is that they tell fans things about themselves from time to time. Danish and Aiza are appearing quite alot on shows now days and fans hear new things about them which keep them in the limelight one way or the other.

Danish told his fans that he wanted to be part of films only and was not going to work in dramas. He had these things to say:

“In India too people who are seen in dramas all the time are not the ones who are known as film stars. Film stars are different from TV stars and they are seen in films only. Who will buy a ticket of 600 rupees to see me in a film if they see me on television all the time. I want to contribute to the revival of Pakistani film industry therefore I will only be seen in films now.”

“All the drama scripts are the same. I am fed up of playing the same kind of characters and being part of the same dramas. I am done with being the husband of two wives and all the other scripts like that.”

His wife Aiza said that since Danish was working for earning money but rather to do something he liked so he was going to work in films only and now dramas anymore.

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