Movies are becoming better and better day by day in Pakistan and people are starting to be attracted towards these a lot more. We don’t really have much clue about the movie initially but it is the poster and the trailer of the movie that give fans a first hand look at it and try to catch their attention.

The poster of Dobara Phir Se has been released and they are carrying some props that try to show the background stories that are related to them and the film.

Ali Kazmi is seen wearing a suit holding a pen. This tries to give an impression of a family person. Adeel Hussain’s looks to be someone who has just made it to the city. Hareem Farooq’s is seen with a boy who she is trying to show as someone close to her while Sanam Saeed is the cool personality chick. Atiqa Odho is the main branch of these leaves while Shaz Khan tries to make his way into this household.

The movie is co produced by Salman Iqbal, Jerjees Seja, and Mehreen Jabbar. Mehreen is also the director of the film.

A lot is expected from the movie let’s see how things work out.