Dobara Phir Se is an upcoming Urdu film scheduled to be released soon and is another movie which needs to be kept an eye on. Mehreen Jabbar is the director of the movie and the film is shot in United States of America and provides a scenic change.

Mehreen Jabbar has directed her second movie ‘Dobara Phir Se’ after her first which was ‘Ramchand Pakistani (2005)’. While Ramchand Pakistani was a parallel cinema film, Dobara Phir Se is a mainstream commercial flick.

The family based drama movie has already published the poster of the movie and now the teaser of the movie has been released.

The movie stars: Adeel Husain, Hareem Farooq, Sanam Saeed, Ali Kazmi, Tooba Siddiqui, Atiqa Odho, Shaz Khan, Musa
Story is written by Bilal Sami & Mehreen Jabbar
Producers behind the movie are: Salman Iqbal, Mohammad Jerjees Seja, Mehreen Jabbar.
Distributed by ARY Films

The film will release on Eidul Fitr (on 7th or 8th July 2016.)

Credits: ARY Films