Pakistani Dramas We Did Not Enjoy Watching In 2014

So 2014 had it’s share of dramas which you want to forget and lock up in a secret chest and throw at the bottom of the Arabian Sea never to be seen or heard ever again. And frankly, who can blame us for thinking this way, with dramas like Shanakt, Rubaroo and Ahista Ahista, the dramas in the first half of 2014 were nothing short of comical.

Ahista Ahista

Ahista Ahista with its leading cast was a drama filled with expectations and promise, however, the fact that Adnan Siddiqui fell irrevocably in love with Sarwat only to marry Mawra later shows how flustered he is as a person and how weak and weedy the plot actually is.


Shanakht, was aired with the hopes of banishing stereotypes and generalizations, however, Noor is shown as a man who wants his modern progressive wife to cover her head ( a very obvious reason that he gave in the beginning of the drama for leaving his cousin Annie). Clearly the very stereotypes that we thought would be done away with were only reinforced at the end of the serial.


Rubaru, with actors like Syra Yousuf, promised nothing short of magic, however, the weak storyline and dwindling plot was such a joke that even the star cast was not enough to captivate the audience.

Muhabat Sub Ka Sitara Hai

Muhabat Sub Ka Sitara Hai, was such a comical joke that Sanam’s plight and torment in the family was seen as a joke. So submissive was her character that after a while viewers stopped empathizing with her and were waiting for the serial to end. What made it worse was the fact, that in the last five minutes of the last episode, somehow things miraculously transform for Sanam and she finds “eternal happiness.”

Daay Ijazat Jo Tu

Daay Ijazat Jo Tu was a soap which seemed to take off on a brilliant note; however, its pseudo success was short lived, replete with kidnapping and the inevitable death of Farhan. This serial was a decided failure from the word go.
Maussum, even from the promos seemed a bit vague and sketchy. A decent star cast, the storyline had more loopholes than could be counted. Storylines with two cousins/sisters obsessing over the same “rich guy” have been done to death, but clearly our script writers have not had enough of them. With two cousin sisters wanting the same prince charming, with one cousin being the sacrificing maiden and the other being Satans’s apprentice, this drama was a clichéd script doomed for disaster even before airing.

Aasamano Peh Likha

Aasamano Peh Likha was no better. Sherryar Munawar Siddiqui graced the screen with his dynamic presence, however, this pathetic storyline of a damsel in distress who gets jilted at the altar was simply too pitiable for words.
Darmayyan was a soap that had an A-list star cast like Sania Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui and Syra Yousuf, however, the storyline again was in such a story state that audiences could not be captured by their starry presence for more than an episode.
Laa and Rukhsati were both dramas that had multiple storylines happening in such a haphazard manner that audiences lost interest only too quickly.

The year 2014 was clearly detrimental for dramas; however, there is hope that 2015 will be bigger and better in more ways than one!
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Author – Rabia Ahmed