Emraan Hashmi may be popular for bold scenes but the star has a big fan following due to his superb acting skills and what he has done for the Bollywood industry thus far.

In his last movie alongside Vidya Balan the star put up an amazing show.

Emraan’s latest film is Azhar and as always it looks like a good movie and one which everyone is waiting for.

Presenting the official trailer of Azhar. From being one of the most celebrated cricket captains of India to being country’s most controversial sportsman yet, Azhar, based on some real life events of cricketer Azharuddin chronicles the highs and lows of the his life and offers an insight into his inner world for the first time. From his humble beginnings, to his meteoric rise in the world of cricket, from his marriages with Naureen and later with film star Sangeeta to the accusation of match fixing and cricket scandal, the trailer captures it all.

Slated to release on the 13th of May 2016, Emraan Hashmi fills the shoes of the celebrated cricketer Azharuddin –the cricketer, the icon the redeemed man!

Watch the trailer of the movie below to see what to expect:

Courtesy: Balaji Motion Pictures