Everyone In My Home Country Is Greedy, Selfish or Lazy: Meera

Pakistani actress-turned-philanthropist Meera, says that nobody in Pakistan is trustworthy and now she has no option but to go abroad and find work there.

“Everyone in my home country is either greedy and extremely selfish, or just plain lazy. Producers and directors contact me to read out scripts, and then when I finally like something, I’m not given an advance payment to start work. Sometimes, the film would get stalled and I would request them to pay me in full, but my pleas get ignored. I remember doing this one film, which required for me to do a lot of travelling. I had to pay out of my own pockets for the airfare, hotel stay and other various expenses. This is not fair at all,” Meera said, while expressing her woes to Daily Times.

“I’m off to Dubai and hopefully London afterwards. One of my strengths I believe, is that I’m always optimistic and look on the bright side of things. I’m working on a few projects here now (Dubai) and some in London. Hopefully, my life is off to a better direction now that I’m oblivious of Pakistani films and projects. I’m very excited for my hospital venture as well. All I’m concerned for right now, is the fact that Pakistani filmmakers and media persons could be so unprofessional and negative,” Meera continued. “I’ve also recently been showstopping on ramp shows and fashion weeks for top designers, who happen to be my friends as well, and that makes me very obliged.”

Here’s wishing the actress all the best for her future endeavours!

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Disclaimer: Source dailytimes.com.pk