Excitement And Drama In ‘Sadqay Tumhare’

The latest episode of ‘Sadqay Tumhare’ was heart racing, dramatic and shocking to say the least. Things that seemed to be moving in one direction moved completely in the opposite direction!

The audience was fooled into believing that finally, something positive and good was looming around the corner, little did they know! Everyone was feeling happy for the loving couple Shano and Khalil and amidst all the warm smiles and blushing cheeks, Rasheeda like a poisonous cobra struck again. We all excitedly began imagining possibilities for Shano and Khalil’s futures plans when Rasheeda just had to upset the whole plan. As much as we detest Rasheeda we cannot help but gawp at her at ability to carry out her treacherous schemes with such perfection, always lurking with an evil presence, we have really had enough of her! The episode was extremely chilling when Rasheeda’s evil intentions were finally made clear. She wants nothing less than to see poor Khalil completely destroyed; either murdered or imprisoned; her poisonous nature never fails to shock. Luckily Khalil decides to play the hero at some point, but it isn’t like a standard fairytale victory and difficulties ensue at every point. Poor Shano was uncertain about carrying out a secret Nikkah but realized that it was something that needed to be done otherwise her parents would have forced her to marry silly old Mushtaq. In the episode, Mushtaq’s behavior after getting ‘kidnapped’ by Khalil is utterly hilarious, alas, the wish to keep laughing throughout the episode was not meant to come true thanks to Rasheeda’s antics.

It is always a joy to observe the gifted, delightful acting of Nasreen Qureshi. Playing the loving aunt who would dwell on Khalil’s mischievous ways but still loved him dearly enough to help him out of any rough spots is heartwarming to watch. Rasheeda remains to be the thorn in the side as it is clear she will do whatever she can to prevent Shano and Khalil from having their happily ever after for her own cruel, selfish reasons. She is truly more dangerous than an entire army.

The jaw dropping episode thus ends on a very sad note. Mahira Khan’s and Adnan Malik’s expressions throughout were simply too precious to observe. We cannot help but announce that we are madly hooked!

The show is commendable for its flawless script and talented, diverse actors. Ehtesham Uddin the director of ‘Sadqay Tumhare’ truly proves his mettle in the execution of the drama and the ability to always leave people craving more. The storyline encompasses the viewer completely, making it seem that he/she is right there in the story moving and speaking right alongside the actors! The preview of the next episode shows a very different side of Shano, we wonder what will happen next!
Author: Rabia Ahmed | Published on DesiFreeTV.com