Fahad Mustafa In Dusri Bivi, It’s Raining Married Men In Pakistan

It seems like it’s raining married men in Pakistan’s drama industry; from clichéd, run of the mill, done to death storylines like “Na Mehram Hunsafar” , “Doosri Shaadi” to the currently hyped up soap “Dusri Bivi” it seems like our script writers are left with only one plot in mind; infidelity and second marriages. Why a young, assertive and career oriented girl would choose a two timing, confused and clearly insecure married man over a single one is something that escapes my cognitive capacity; and I’m quite sure the audience empathizes with my emotions.

Written by Samina Ijaz and directed by Anjum Shahzad under the ARY banner, Dusri Bivi has been initiated by Big Bang Productions. Fahad Mustafa is the lead protagonist in the play and as usual his entire focus is on looking “pristine white”, his emphasis to look immaculately groomed is so over the top, that there are times when you will forget the drama and catch yourself wondering how much effort he has put into attaining the veracious lighting. Ironically, all the focus has gone into making Fahad Mustafa look “oh-so-pretty” that little effort has gone into anything else.

Not your typical run of the mill, chauvinist; Mustafa is actually portrayed as the ideal husband who adores his loving and caring wife (Hareem Farroq) and dotes on his little daughter. Clearly all cannot possibly stay calm and collected, because what marriage is complete without the illicit extra marital affair, right? In comes (Maha Warsi) a confident attractive young girl who works with Fahad in his office. Despite having a paranoid and insensitive fiancé, Maha develops feelings for Fahad (merely because he proves to be a gallant night and shining armor and “save” her from her insensitive and callous finance.)

Maha Warsi throws caution to the wind and declares her undying love for Fahad Mustafa despite knowing that he is a devoted father to a little girl. At this point in time one really wonders about the sort of values we are projecting and inculcating in our youth. Are we really teaching them that marriage inevitably results in infidelity and betrayal? Is this really the sort of principles that we want our children to attain and follow? The over dose of second marriages in our dramas is so over the top that ever soap is beginning to look and sound identical to the previous one.

Fahad is clearly a gifted actor who has without a doubt etched a mark for himself; however, his flustered and confused character and fickle minded nature are the last straw in terms of tolerance for this extremely weak plot. Given that this play had managed to initiate a lot of hype, before actually being aired, the play itself is fragile with visible loopholes in the plot and storylines. Characters have not been developed properly and their character graph is not well thought off at all.

It’s high time our directors understand that the audience is not as naive and gullible as they perceive them to be. We want intelligent script and strong riveting storylines that leave an impact on our hearts and minds. Illicit affairs and infidelity are done to death concepts that have lost their “scandalous charm”, its high time our industry understands that and starts penning impactful scripts. Published on DesiFreeTV.com
Author – Rabia Ahmed