Faizan Khawaja is a big name in the Pakistani industry and now he is taking the role of the producer for the upcoming project, Life Story.

#FaizanKhawaja & #AinyJaffri to star together in #LifeStory – WATCH NOW ==> DESIFREETV.COM

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Faizan is producing a Telefilm which will be starring Faizan himself as well as the very talented Ainy Jaffri opposite him.

Not only this but big names like Sajid Hasan and Zeba Bakhtia will also be seen in the movie which make it all the more interesting.

Talking about the film Faizan had this to say to HIP:

“It’s a film for television, a totally new concept. It has a budget of more than what telefilms cost in Pakistan. So, it’s categorised as a ‘film for television’. Somewhat like the HBO Films, that premiere on television and don’t have a theatrical release. Besides, it’s my own production, so go easy on me (laughs).”

#FaizanKhawaja and #AinyJaffri are all set for #LifeStory!

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Faizan further added;

“It’s basically a love story, and the complications a couple has to face after they get married, and how they overcome them. I don’t want to reveal anything else, but it’s a simple story, and a fun watch. It has three songs, I’ve sung and performed in one as well. We went up north to shoot it! So, fingers crossed!”

Interview of Faizan sharing his views on Indian entertainment industry: