Chairman Censor Board, Fakhar-e-Alam who kicked off his career as a singer and it is very rare to see him on screen now days. Even more rare is that he talks about his personal life and tell his fans what has been happening and the causes of what happened.

Nadia Khan recently also came up with the topic in front of Shamoon Abbasi and he gave her explanations. On the other hand as Shamoon is an open book, Fakhar isn’t of the same image and very few know that he was married twice before finally being on the sound roads. Replying as to why the marriages didn’t last:

“It is up to God really, marriage is a gamble for everybody. I think we all go through tough times. You’ve gone through a tough time, I have gone through a tough time. It is a very normal thing, it can happen to anyone. Talking about myself I have to say that I am more steady now. Let me say one thing in our society divorced women are under a lot of pressure, I don’t appreciate that at all. I respect both my ex-spouses. I don’t like to talk against them and I don’t like to hear anything against them from anyone else.”

“I take responsibility for both the divorces. Why should I hold anyone else responsible?”