Shahrukh Khan is best at not doing what is simple and this is what his movie Fan proves. The movie takes you right back to the 1990s at the time when SRK was on the peak coming up with movies with people copying what he wore and what he did. Fan relives all the moments that we saw SRK doing back in those days.

Superstar Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh) is starting to go on the low but his devoted Delhi fan Gaurav (Shah Rukh) won’t hear a word against him. Gaurav worships Aryan, and where he goes, walks and talks it is all like Aryan Khanna.

However, Gaurav comes in contact with Sid Kapoor, Aryan’s rival. He gets Gaurav thrashed, asking coldly, ‘Mein tumhe paanch second bhi kyun dun?’ As Aryan leaves Gaurav in jail a vow is made by Gaurav that Aryan will chase him one day.

Gaurav’s look with buck teeth, stammering in haste, howling with rejection, holding Aryan’s daughter rather close, Gaurav looks terrible and insanely unwell.

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The movie is no doubt a clever collaboration and there are some things that need to be mentioned like Sid Kapoor can’t read Gaurav’s note as, ‘It’s in Hindi, dude!” while Gaurav, despite adopting Aryan’s swag, eats ‘vegetable sandwich’ abroad.

The movie shows Delhi as a place, where there is heat and dust, violence and want, make tempers explode in a very unique Dilli ki garmi. Gaurav’s parents (Deepika and Yogendra) are left out in the fact as they are not aware what their son wants. The movie ends in an emphatic way reminding you of the old days.

Fan Movie Public Review

Check out the movie review of the film Fan, starring Shahrukh Khan, before you head out to watch the movie this weekend.

Credits: Bollywood NOW

Star Cast of Fan: Shah Rukh Khan, Waluscha DeSousa, Deepika Amin, Yogendra Tiku, Sayani Gupta
Director: Maneesh Sharma