There are very talented actors in Pakistan and with the diversity they possess make them an intriguing part in any of the projects they are included in. There are many big names in the industry that have been able to make a name for themselves not only in Pakistan but also across the border in Bollywood.

In a poll which was conducted recently we asked the audience as to who they thought was the most amazing prospect when it comes possible chance of working with Bollywood.

View Poll: Pakistani Actresses Who Can Make A Big Name In Bollywood

The result show the following rankings according to the votes received:

1. Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar won the poll with quite a lead and with the talent she possesses makes her a sure shot hit if she were to work in Bollywood. Although she has kicked off her career there it remains to be seen as to whether she is able to meet the expectations or not. However, keeping in mind the diversity and talents she can surely leave a mark on the industry.

2. Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish comes in at the second spot sharing it with Ayeza Khan. Mehwish has been at the end of some big projects recently like the hit movie that you must all know by now. Mehwish is working alongside Humayun Saeed in a drama serial. With the talent and moves that she has, she deserves the slot that she has got on the list.

3. Ayeza Khan

Ayeza is surely one of those personalities who don’t seem to age. Although she has been seen at the end of strong performances the prospect of seeing her in Bollywood makes somewhat and exciting mix. Not only does she have the capability to bag a strong performance but she also has a pretty face that can add to her being a hit.


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