Farida Finally A Working Mother

It’s always hurtful to watch Farida getting belittled and scolded at the hands of her devious mother in law and spineless husband; however we’re pleased to see the professional, working Farida come out in the open!

Alas, the problems still loom on the horizon. Mazhar Hayat, who is Farida’s supervisor, is unfortunately giving her an extremely tough time. He is extremely insecure, judgmental and critical and we cannot help but dislike him immensely! The main reason Mazhar is constantly berating poor Farida is because she is a digest writer and he believes that she is inferior to him and unsuitable to be a talented, consistent writer. Unfortunately if he attempted to put aside his critical judgment he would realize how capable Farida really is. Old Mazhar is also perpetually stuck in the past; a cloud of bitter nostalgia that causes him to constantly make comparisons between the times of now and then. It also seems as if he realizes that his writing days are numbered and instead of encouraging the younger writers he aims to dampen their spirits and much as possible.

Farida understands the her journey to become a professional script writer will be tumultuous and paved with thorns no matter what; however she possesses a wealth of spirit and determination to help her reach her goal. Unfortunately, Mazhar refuses to realize this and remains highly unimpressed with Farida’s work. He merely sees the untidy, ink stained pages, unable to delve deeper and experience the essence of her words. It also seems as if he also cannot relate to Farida merely because she is a female writer and he is too insecure to admit a female writer may possess some merit.

As far as life at home, it is surprisingly refreshing to see glimpses of Soraya throughout the drama. We watch Farida tending to her daughter while simultaneously waiting on Shaukat who unfortunately cannot think beyond what his mother feeds him and continues to be extremely rude and uncaring towards his new family. It is clear that he isn’t mentally compatible with Farida and that his level of education and maturity doesn’t match hers and that he is extremely aware of this divide and thus tries to act as rude as possible to make himself feel better. We sincerely hope he’ll ease up and become kinder or that Farida will take a stand and leave him!

The next episode promises a bucketful of drama as Mazhar seems to be pressuring poor Farida more than ever. We cannot wait to see what happens and hope desperately that everyone will stop chastising poor Farida once and for all!
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Author – Rabia Ahmed