Faris Shafi Muskura Music Video featuring Jugan Kazim and Ali Azmat

Artist: Faris Shafi
Song: Muskura

After the super success of Awaam feat Mooroo, Brother of Meesha Shafi – Faris Shafi – is back with another highly offensive explicit song “Muskura”. The song and music video targets the religious extremism and “mullahs” quite openly.

Also starring in the music video is our Junooni Rockstar Ali Azmat, TV host and model Juggan Kazim, and Faris’ brother in law Mahmood Rehman(ex-overload).

Lyrics written by: Faris Shafi
Produced by: Shaniman
Directed by: Abdullah Haris
Starring: Raza Irshad, Adnan Malik, Samir Khan, Osama Sohail Khan, Amr Mahmood Saddiqui, Bahram Babar, Mustafa Ejaz, Savail Nasim
Special Thanks to: Juggan Kazim, Ali Azmat, Mahmood Rahmann, Asad Mujeeb, Ali Xeeshan Theatre Studio and Bashir Ahmed (Synergy MMA Academy)

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