Fawad Khan is a name who everyone is taking in Pakistan as well as India. The versatile actor has been appreciated for his performances thus far in Bollywood.

In his latest movie, Kapoor and Sons, Fawad has been able to gather loads more of appreciation from all around.


With all the fan following and people keeping regular updates on him, here is another piece of news for them that Fawad is suffering from type 1 diabetes. This is something which Fawad was bold enough to share during an interview in the following words:

“The cure is on the way. Hopefully, you’ll never have to see a glucometer again, you’ll never have to see insulin or an injection again. I have type 1, which is said to be incurable. type 2 is also incurable but you can control it with lifestyle changes. In type 2 you may need insulin eventually. But in type 1, you’re insulin dependent from day one. Though type 1 is said to be genetic, earlier it was believed to occur because of an autoimmune disorder that can come on because of a viral infection.”

Revealing the fact as to how he found out about it, Fawad said:

“In my case, I used to smoke in school. We’d hide behind the swimming pool to smoke. There used to be pipes there with raw and unfinished concrete on it. We’d swim, come out, take a puff and go back again. Once, when I was standing against these concrete pipes, I got scratches and cuts. But I jumped back into the swimming pool. The water had not been treated that day. I developed a terrible infection. I lost 10 kilos. That’s when I realized that I was diabetic.”

The aftermath of this is that he tries to keep it in control and regarding this he further added:,

“Now, I have managed to procure a wireless pump. When you sit down to eat and enter what you will be eating into it, it calculates the number of calories and the number of units of insulin you’ll require for that. You press the button and it automatically starts delivering the required amount of insulin to the body. Science is truly amazing!”