As the release time nears for the release of Fawad Khan’s movie Kapoor and Sons, Fawad is engaged with loads of programs in lieu of promoting his movie.

The media and people are starting to know a lot more about this amazing celebrity as things are getting big ahead of the release.

Fawad has been able to win the hearts of many due to his looks and not only that but his manners and the way he talks have played an important role in all this.

Some fans don’t care whether he has married and has a son but shower their love on the actor they adore a lot.

Well in all of the fame everyone seems to be enjoying except for one person. Fawad’s son Ayaan isn’t particularly happy with his father as the two haven’t been able to spend time together.

Here is what Fawad had to say as to how his son reacted when he had to go to India.

“He didn’t take it too well. This time around, I was home for just five or six days. So when I was leaving, he put his foot down, and said, ‘You are not allowed to go.’ I was heartbroken.”

Kapoor and sons is slated to release on 18th i.e. this Friday so are you excited to watch it? Tell us in the comments section below!