Fawad Khan To Return On Zindagi Channel With Hit Telefilm Behadd

Zee network will be reviving Fawad Khan’s magic with yet another hit series titled Behadd. Like Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Behadd is a television adaption of yet another Umera Ahmed novel.

Fawad Khan will be seen essaying the role of Jamal for Behadd. Actress Nadia Jamil (as Masooma) will be co-starring him in the show along with Sajal Ali (playing the character of Masooma’s daughter). Behadd will revolve around the complexities and dynamics of various relationships.

Masooma would be shown as a single independent parent who brings up her daughter (Maha) with all that she needs even after the demise of her husband. Maha is the pampered and loved child of her mother. However, soon the story takes a right turn when Masooma meets Jamal (Fawad Khan), who happens to be the brother of her best friend and also her colleague.

Masooma and Jamal become good friends with the course of time. Soon Masooma comes to know that Jamal is divorced. She takes the responsibility of finding a good bride for Jamal. But fate has other plans for the duo.

Masooma discovers that Maha feels very comfortable and has become too friendly with Jamal. This comes as a surprise for Masooma as she always knew her daughter to be too possessive towards her and never had been much close to anyone else except Masooma. However, surprise hits her again when one day Jamal proposes Masooma for marriage.

Will Masooma agree to this wedlock? What would be Maha’s reaction to her mother’s second marriage? ‘Behadd’ is set to go on air in the coming weeks on Zindagi. Are you ready to witness yet another magical performance by Fawad Khan?

Have a look at the promo of Behadd: