Fawad Khan is not only a superstar who is loved here in Pakistan but people across the border have started to love this talented celebrity.

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We told you a few days ago that Fawad is diabetic and because of this he needs to take care of his health.

This has resulted in a few problems for the star as he fainted on the sets of Kapoor and Sons due to low sugar level.

Again he faced the same problem but this time around there were many cameras as he was attending a press conference of Kapoor and Sons with Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra.

Fawad was trying his level best to keep his eyes wide open while he was talking about the promotion of his movie Kapoor and Sons. The celebrity asked for something to drink but was later seen eating a chocolate so that he could regain the required sugar levels.

The video in which Fawad is seen somewhat dizzy is being interpreted in different ways by people. Some say that he seems drunk but anyone who knows Fawad Khan’s health condition and is acquainted with the disease will surely understand his situation.

We wish Fawad Khan all the best. Watch the video clip here: