Karan Johar is a big name in the film industry and his recent project Kapoor and Sons proved to be quite a hit till now.

Fawad Khan was part of the film and his acting as a homosexual was something that Fawad had reservations over but when he did it, we have seen him being praised by Karan.

This is what Karan Johar said about Fawad Khan in his recent interview;

“His energy in ‘Kapoor & Sons’ is so magnetic. I have to say that he took up a role which many actors were worried to do, but it takes a brave man to play a brave part and brave part to make a brave film,” said Karan

This is what Fawad Khan had to say about his homosexual role in the film;

“This film has taught me a lot. Earlier, I was worried about audience’s reaction. But I have such a wonderful team that it paid off. The way ‘Kapoor & Sons’ dealt with homosexuality is amazing,” Fawad said.

The Pakistani actor singer and model believes that slowly, people will get used to “this as well.”

“There was a time people used to get uncomfortable during intimate scenes. Slowly they got used to it. And I believe people will start getting used to this as well. Audience loved the film and this is a welcoming note,” he said, adding that “there should be nothing really shocking about homosexuality”.