Find Out Who Is Mehwish Hayat’s Secret Crush!

A decade or two ago, Imran Khan and Waheed Murad were the two heart throbs that everyone fanaticized about. However, now the tables have turned; with the influx of Turkish dramas and channels proliferating our channels and screens it is no wonder that not just our population but also our stars are dreaming about the drool worthy “Behlul” and the drop dead gorgeous “Burak Ozcivit” more commonly known as Bali in “Mera Sultan.”

Mehwish Hayat who is clearly touted as the sex siren of Lollywood, made her mark in Merat ul Uroos and shot to fame with her raunchy item song “Bill.” Mehwish who looks like our very own Nargis Fakhri is someone who remains very silent on the subject of love and relationships, however, her emotions and feelings for Bali in Mera Sultan were all over social media micro blogging sites. Mehwish did not hesitate to express her admiration for Bali in more ways than one. Mehwish drooled over Bali’s appearance (not to mention his sensuous eyes and gorgeous features). A man who clearly is a maestro in the craft of acting, Bali executed his performance in Mera Sultan flawlessly.

She wrote on her Instagram account

OMG ! What did I just see ?! 🙀 Perfection !!!😍🙈 ❤️😘✨#heisSoHawt! #wow #IthinkIamInLove #GraceNstyle #lookatThoseEyes #BurakOzcivit #Turkish! #Crush🙊

Mehwish undoubtedly has a new crush and he is none other than the heartthrob himself Bali!
Whether Mehwish decides to tie the knot in the near future or not is unsure, however, she clearly has the hots for Bali!
Author: Rabia Ahmed | Published on