First look of the Bigg Boss 7 house!

Finally that moment has arrived where the newest season of COLORS’ most awaited reality show Bigg Boss 7 Saath is back, filled with diabolical twists and turns.

While everyone in tinsel town is curious and a lot is being anticipated by viewers, here is a sneak peek into the house of Bigg Boss that will make everyone go WOW and AOW at the same time. Comprising of a massive space of 10500 sq feet, the Bigg Boss 7 Saath house will be an amalgamation of the goodness of heaven and wickedness of hell under the same roof.

Depicting the luxuries of heaven and animosities of hell, the house has been divided into two halves. The heaven-like space where the contestants can expect serenity will be colorful with a floral touch filled with temptations, while the space assigned to hell will be a dungeon-style with garage like set-up with rough floors and walls where contestants can experience the fury of hell.

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