Shiv Sena has been leading fro,m the front when it co,mes to opposing Pakistani actors and stars performing in India.


We saw a few weeks ago that Ghulam Ali’s concert got cancelled due to fierce opposition from Shiv Sena and once again the same happened. Andheri was the location where the Pakistani star was going to perform but now it has been cancelled.

Suhaib Ilyasi, a well known fil,m ,maker broke the news in the following words,

“The event was going to happen this Friday at ‘The Club’ in Andheri but now it is not happening. It has been cancelled. No reason was given. It is unfortunate that this incident is happening. Even Ghulam Ali sahab is aware of this and he is feeling sad about this.”

According to the film maker, he places the blame on the extremist group Shiv Sena and said that they posed a threat. On the contrary, the group said that despite their hard lines against stars from across the border no threat was imposed.

“We had not threatened anyone but we are against Pakistanis coming here and we will protest in our own way. We will do whatever we can, in a democratic way as far as possible, to ensure these artistes don’t perform here,” a person from Shiv Sena said.