There are a set of qualities that make everyone unique from others and is also provides recognition. It is a simple rule of life that one needs to put in hard work to be successful whether it be any walk of life.

Mawra Hocane is one of those who is ambitious right from the start who can do anything to achieve what they want.

Just ready to fly-off. #mawrahocane @mawrellous Reposted @bismahocane

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Mawra’s twitter account surely states the type of personality she has describing herself as blend of love and chaos. Mawra is of the opinion that dreams are more like goals which with determination and hard work can be achieved with the passage of time and not something impossible.

Mawra is witnessed backing herself up while she faces criticism and the hard times motivate her.

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Coz sometimes it's Just all about "BLACK & WHITE" . . #MawraHocane ♥

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