Gohar Rasheed is among one of those actors who has been working for a long time and has been able to make a name for himself through countless works. Gohar is one of those in the industry who likes to set his eyes on big things and he certainly explained that recently.

The star said:

“I want to win an Oscar, I really want to for being a good actor and I think I will someday.”

Along with talent that he possess it is great to see that the star is confident of the fact that he can win an Oscar.

“I’m thinking of venturing into direction. As far as acting is concerned, three films are in the pipeline out of which I’ve just signed one which is the mega project.”

Gohar also explained what was the reason behind his good work was now days: “Very honestly in Pakistan it is the bad work that I get to see is what inspires me to act. When I see unsatisfactory work, I feel motivated in a way and tell myself that this is something I don’t want to do.”

Gohar talking about his recent role said: “My role has shades, has lots of hues. That sums up – I’m that boy who is careless. He’s the kind of guy who means business to himself, but he goes through a transition and that changes everything, but what the change will be and how it will be, that’s the interesting part.”

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