Gohar Rasheed Unhappy With Upcoming Vulgar Comedy Films

The revival of films in Pakistan is in full force and we have many up coming releases with some trailers already having been released. Many of our drama actors are also film actors, one of them being Gohar Rasheed.

He has been in blockbuster films like Seedlings (in which he was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at 2012 New York Film Festival), Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi and Operation 021, which is why what he says is taken very seriously. Yesterday he updated his fan page by the status:

The most recent trailer was released for Yasir Nawaz’s Wrong Number, so we contacted Rasheed to ask him if he was talking about that particular film. He stated yes he was, but that Wrong Number wasn’t the only one he was referring to. He said “this message is for all those film makers who are even part of making such content.” He continued to say “what is wrong is wrong, and one should have the guts to say it.” Well when someone like Gohar Rasheed talks, people listen.

Rasheed is also going to be in the feature film Yalghaar, (written, directed, and produced by the highly intelligent Hassan Waqas Rana), in which he plays Baran, a militant with a conscience. Aside from Yalghaar, he also stars in Hamza Ali Abbasi’s directorial venture, Kambakht.

Let us know what you think about Rasheed’s status. Do you agree or disagree?
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