Grease The Musical Review and on stage Pictures!

Grease – The Musical was the first licensed musical play to be performed in Pakistan. It is based on the adaption of the classical 1978 movie which had John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as the leads. Grease has been in news for quite some time; it started at the Art Council on January 16 and was declared a hit immediately. It ended on 2nd February after being performed at the Art council for almost 17 days. The play took three months of vigorous training and more than 100 rehearsal sessions for the actors to perfect the play, and their hardwork has definitely paid off. It starred Ahmed Ali as Danny Zuko, Ayesha Omar as Sandy, Mustafa Changezi as Kenickie and Sanam Saeed as Rizzo, along with an ensemble cast of familiar faces and promising newcomers. In the play, Ahmed Ali was paired up with Ayesha Omer and Sanam Saeed with Mustafa Changezi.

The play introduces the 50′s era to the audiences. The costumes, songs, setup all had been designed keeping this era in mind. The play did not have any particular message, it solely depicted the essence of being a teenager in the 50′s. Its success proved that teenage love is still an ever green concept.

The director Nida Butt has given her 100% to this play. From the choreography to the music, every little detail was well thought out and executed. All the actors also did a brilliant job especially Sanam Saeed who portrayed Rizzo’s aggressive character to perfection. She was extraordinary throughout the play and the actress had easily picked up the accent and gesture required to play the role.

All the performances were top notch, but one song that stood out from the rest was Freddy my Love which was sung by Sara Haider. This song touched the audiences’ hearts and was appreciated and applauded by all. The lead pair might be Sandy and Danny, but the limelight was stolen by Rizzo and Kenickie as their chemistry sizzled on stage because of their magnetic and realistic connection.

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