Critics say that the drama was a bit monotonous this time, the reason being that what the directed want to established was done in the first part of the episode. The second part of the episode was a bit stretched and did not need much explanation.

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During the episode Gul-e-Rana revisits the time when her father expressed her feeling and no regrets over the fact that he did not have any son. The episode says too much in terms of dialogue and does not leave anything for intellect. There are numerous ways that the proud father could have been presented but mostly importantly through actions not dialogues.

Another one of the scenes includes Gul-e-Rana telling her sister that once she is done with her academics, all her needs will be fulfilled. The problem over here is that both the relations being shown here are in the conventional ways which used to be done in PTV dramas. If the directed wanted to show the importance of relations then according to critics the way chosen was not effective enough.

The person who caught the limelight with her pure acting was Rubina Ashraf who did the widow role to perfection. She also asks Gul-e-rana to call and pay off the debts to the person who paid for Abdul Aziz’s surgery. Coupled with this was the act of selling the car for buying a new house as the current one had to evacuated. During the course of this scene, her Taya arrives and in the end decides to take them to Karachi.

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Till now it is shown that the two brothers were not on talking terms but Rubinah Ashraf spotted them talking once. The son of Taya, Adeel during the course of the episode negates the fact that he likes his phupos which was established in the first episode.

Despite all the facts that he has a step mom which he doesn’t particularly like but he still defends her infront of her phophos. Adeel does not care about anyone much which can be seen when he talks to his father over the phone and his step mom asks about it.

Adeel: Unho ne kaha nahi aur iski zaroorat bhi nahi

Step Mum (leaves the table with solemn expressions)

Adeel: Aap kahan jaa rahi hain? Breakfast nahi karengi?

Step Mum: Nahi dil nahi chah raha. Acha ek baat suno tum shaadi kyun nahi karletai

(Adeel laughs so hard, I’m surprised he didn’t spray the table with scrambled eggs.)

Adeel: You’re joking right?

Step Mum: Nahi, tumhari dono phuppo aas lagaye bethi hain tou tum decide kyun nahi karletai.

(The laughter vanishes from Adeel’s face with the speed of light.)

Adeel: Ye mera, meri phuppo-on ka aur unki betion ka maamla hai. Aap beech mein na bolein tou behtar rahega.

Well the next episode’s promo was quite exciting as everyone finds out about the death of Abdul Aziz and they meet Gul-e-Rana.