Hamza Ali Abbasi is well known for being an outspoken person who at times does not even think that the other person is his friend or not. He has been at the end of some rash statements at times according to many. Recently, Sheheryar Munawar had a few words to say.


In response to this, Hamza set out with a big announcement that the movie he had been shooting for the past 2 years, Kambakht will be reshot. There are many reasons in the past that Hamza gave for the delay of the movie with the likes of dharna delaying the shooting.

With most of his announcement or criticism coming through facebook, this was also announced there in a status that said,

“Two years ago the lead cast was unknown and the film Kambakht was something no one wanted to invest in, the production and the budget was extremely low and couldn’t do justice to the story.”

bts of #Kambakht

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As for now it is being said that director, Hamza as the finances that he needs and many of his fans have given a green signals by responding in a positive way. The movie whether now lives up to the hype or not remains to be seen but good luck for the remake of the movie to Hamza.