Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi , who is known for his bold statements, has complained about Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan and called him a ‘hateful’ actor.


Saif Ali Khan has recently been in the news, promoting his upcoming flick Phantom, which portrays Pakistan as a state where terrorist states are housed.

Apparently, Hamza had become fed up of all the hate against Pakistan and decided to respond.

Hamza believes that no Pakistani actor had ever said anything hateful or mean against India. In a recent interview, Saif Ali Khan stated that he had lost faith in Pakistan, mainly due to the fact that a terrorist like Hafiz Saeed had his say and in response to his petition, Phantom was banned from Pakistan.

Hamza pointed out incidences when the Indian government had banned ARY Films’ movie Waar in India. Also, he mentioned how Mahira Khan starrer ‘Bin Roye’ was banned from Maharashtra, in India.

“Let me now say this, because of movies like Phantom and hateful actors like Saif Ali Khan, I AM LOSING FAITH IN INDIA,” is how Hamza Ali Abbasi ended his status update.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is famous for his controversial and bold statements. However, this statement from him is likely to induce appreciation, at least from Pakistani quarters.