Hamza Ali Abbasi Clarifies ‘Saba Qamar I Love You’ Controversy

The rumor about Saba Qamar and Hamza Ali Abbasi being more than just friends surfaced after Saba Qamar wrote on Hamza Ali Abbasi’s facebook page that she loved him.

Few days after that Hamza Ali Abbasi made it clear to everyone that him and Saba were nothing more than very close friends. Now many months after this rumor was very hot news HSY on his show asked Saba Qamar about it. Saba Qamar’s reply could have been very surprising for many people because this was for the first time that the audience got to hear her side of the story.

Saba Qamar told HSY that it was a prank played by Hamza which was taken very far when a drama page posted the comment along with Hamza and Saba’s picture on facebook.

After watching the HSY show and Saba Qamar’s clarification, many fans of Hamza asked him if what Saba said was true.

Now finally Hamza Ali Abbasi clarified his side of story after a fan asked him about Saba Qamar I love you controversy on Hamza’s Facebook Fan Page.

Have a look!

What do you think guyz? Who do you think is telling the truth, Hamza or Saba?