Mawra Hocane’s tweets about Phantom have not been taken well by Pakistani public or celebrities. After Shaan now Hamza Ali Abbasi has asked for a ban on Mawra Hocane because of her support for the film Phantom which Hamza Ali Abbasi says is, “a stupid film, they are trying to cash in on anti-Pakistan sentiment. Because Saif Ali Khan is not an A-lister, he is a flop actor whose last desperate attempt to win over people was to star in an anti-Pakistan film.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi also said, “Saif Ali Khan is not an artist, he is not a Muslim or an Indian, his religion is money. He is the kind of person who will even sell his parents for money!”

Hamza Ali Abbasi did not take Mawra’s name but it was very clear that he was talking about her when he said, “There is a Pakistani actress who supported them so that she will get work in India. That is such a wrong thing to do. Even an animal knows that he should respect his owner who has taken care of him and given him respect, such statements and such films should be banned.”

Gohar Rasheed who is usually not vocal about these controversial happenings but this time he spoke how he felt about Mawra’s tweets openly.

Here is what he had to say:

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Watch how fans reacted on Mawra Hocane’s Letter: