Hamza Ali Abbasi may become the second Fawwad Afzal Khan

New Pakistani television serial “Pyaare Afzal” is making huge waves these days across the country.
Hamza Ali Abbasi, the protagonist, is a “seedha saadha larka” (a straight forward lad) and is not the regular Pakistani drama mamas boy but a rather different character altogether.

“Pyaray Afzal”, which made up to the top drama ranking recently, offers a love story that takes us all away from the morbidly dark and depressing dramas that surround us.

Later, Afzal and his lover Farah fall head over heels in romance and enjoy their petty little quarrels to the core.
However, like every story has a villain, the Amreshpuri of this love story is Farah’s mother who is not too keen on marrying off her daughter with this “good for nothing lad”.

She offers him money instead but it seems like Afzal has quit gambling and has his heart set on Farah.
The drama raises various complex family issues which the Pakistani society often come across.
Abbasi said, “He is doing quite well with acting all dreamy one moment and snapping out of it the other.”

Drama guru’s say Abbasi may become the second Fawad Afzal Khan, renowned Pakistani television star, with the women swooning after him and the Bollywood offers piling up!

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