Hamza Ali Hamza is among those celebrities in the industry who has undoubtedly emerged as one of the controversial figures due to his statements. Although he says that he speaks out what is inside his heart and mind but it does seem to cost him in the end in the form of criticism.

Alot of female actresses have shown their displeasure about his comments about item songs which include the likes of Ayesha Omar and Sohai Ali Abro. Although he reportedly says that he does not hit anyone personally but they other versions state that he tries to impose his opinion.

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Ayesha Khan, another established name of the industry talks about the situation too. She is among those people who knows Hamza long before they stepped into acting. Talking about the issue despite his offensive or controversial statements even about her, Ayesha says:

“I treat Hamza Ali Abbasi like a kid therefore I can forgive him for anything at all. People keep on saying to me that he says so many things, why don’t you say anything because you are so close to him. I tell them it is only Hamza, I don’t take him seriously. It is that simple for me, he is like an innocent kid to me. No one knows him like I do that is why people take everything he says too seriously.”

About this the most positive thing is that despite the position that both stars are in, Ayesha refrains to let these statements come in between the long term friendship they have. We hope they continue on the same roads !