Himesh Reshammiya is well known in Bollywood for his composing and singing skills but a couple of years ago we saw him stepping into the acting industry as well. He took a break from the stage and now is back as he acts in his latest movie, Tera Suroor.

Aap Ka Suroor was the last film that the star did and this movie is pretty much the same but with a lot of changes which make it a better one than the previous edition. The other thing that is great is the fact that the movie is not revolving around one thing alone. Rather there are couple of things that are happening altogether.

The good thing about the movie is that the singer turned star is able to show a good appearance on stage when it comes to physique. He has been able to loose weight but whatever his has lost, he has been able to cover it up with his acting. The star has weaknesses but they are covered for very well and with the strengths that he has.


You might love him or hate, but there’s no denying the fact that Himesh has a strange appeal to the audience that transcends age groups and other barriers. In Tera Suroor, Himesh does a fantastic job of playing to the gallery and giving his audience what they want. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and plays on the former without letting the latter get better of him. As Raghu his physical transformation is remakrable and while it might look odd and weird in the posters of promo, the film does justice to why he’s managed to shed those kilos and look ripped. Music of course is the trump card of the film. Through the course of the film there is a background track that plays as an ode to the prequel. Tera Suroor has several tracks that will remind you why loved the original sound track so much. The camera work is good in the action scenes and both Shekhar Kapur and Naseeruddin Shah add drama to the story. Farah looks great on the big screen, we wish she had more to do in the film though. The stand out moments are the ones where Himesh does some dialoguebaazi and his patriotic dialogues when a random firang tries to take off on an Indian in a gun practice alley.

A few things that could have been better were that if there was some sort of association shown with the last part. Another thing that would be good would be if there were less plots and kept the audience engaged in it rather than many ongoing stories. Also the twists and turns in the second half are way too many to keep a track of.

Teraa Surroor delivers as a true Himesh Reshammiya film. It is a typical masala entertainer with some great music. If you liked Aap Ka Suroor, then Teraa Surroor definitely won’t disappoint.