Himmatwala trailer: Ajay Devgn is back to kicking goons and fighting tigers!

Himmatwala trailer: Ajay Devgn is back to kicking goons and fighting tigers! Reza Noorani6.08 PM IST 01.24.2013 Tags: Ajay Devgn, Ajay Devgn Himmatwala remake, Himmatwala, Himmatwala remake, Himmatwala trailer, Jeetendra in Himmatwala, Sajid Khan Himmatwala remake, Tamannaah, Tamannaah Himmatwala remake, Tathaiya tathaiya Himmatwala comments 9 Sign up for the BL newsletter! Sajid Khan presents an over the top extravaganza full of unbelievable action scenes and crazy dialogues

Sajid Khan had challenged a journalist at a recent event that the director would do anything the scribe told him to, if he were to get a ticket to Sajid’s upcoming film Himmatwala within the first three days. SK was hinting that the theatres would be packed to the brim with audiences eager to watch the supposed blockbuster.

Well, looking at it now, the Himmatwala remake that Sajid Khan has directed starring Ajay Devgn and Tamannaah looks more like a spoof! With over the top dialogues and unbelievable fight and action sequences, Ajay Devgn seems to be reprising his Singham role; only this time he is in the 80s costume rather than a policeman’s. In the beginning of the trailer, Ajay is shown accepting the challenge to fight 50 people with temple bells!

There is also the iconic Tathaiya number complete with pink thermocol sets and all! Besides the villains that he fights, there’s also a rather menacing tiger that he takes on. For comic relief, there is Paresh Rawal with a weird wig, while the oomph quotient is provided by Tamannaah.

With some mad-cap sequences and outright foolish dialogues, the trailer looks like it will go the Housefull way, turning out to be a mindless comedy but still making millions at the box office! Tch tch…