Arhaan (Sheheryaar), Nadir (Adeel) and Manizey (Mahira) are the three main actors of the movie who are students at the business University, IBA. However as it happens in most of the cases, they are not happy as their interest is vested in music.

Arhaan belongs to a family which is mediocre with his mother dead and father who is retired. The relationship is not good as Arhaan is not good in studies. Nadir on the other hand belongs to strong, rich family with his mother being one of the protective mothers in the society. Manizey has a connection with music as her father was once a singer but then left it and went towards religion and does not live with her and her mother who is an artist.

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The movie does not show how to make big music but rather emphasizes on the fact that one should work for what he/she dreams. The movie can said to be a good one specially as it was somewhat real and we see people around us and some might even relate themselves to this. There was no negative role like in the traditional movies with the unrealistic fights or powers.

There were negative situations but the important thing was that it was all realistic. There are also situations when we joke around and have funny moments with our friends which happens everyday. The commendable thing about the movie was that it was provided the message with acting and which was amazing.

The high point in the movie can be said to be when Manizey is seen with her father at the ending. The scene might make you think that it is religious but it has a very strong message which explains people can co exist despite difference in opinion and that Islam can not be used to judge a person.

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