Qandeel Baloch from the looks of it tries and thinks she is famous but she leaves people shocked.

Whether the shocking is positive or negative is left for you to decide.

Pakistani people are not only commenting on her page but have also compiled a video to show how people react when they see her videos.

Watch the video below and have your say:

Breakdown Episode 1 : Qandeel Baloch

"Take On" where we get the thoughts of everyday people on what's trending. For the first episode our boys take a crack at Qandeel Baloch Official. Caution; This video contains abusive langauge, viewer discretion is advised.Comment below on what you want us to take on next! #BreakDown #VideoFeed #Episode1 #QandeelBaloch

Posted by Videofeed on Monday, January 11, 2016

Courtesy: VideoFeed