Airlift seems to have had a good success rate and a lot of people are turning towards the cinemas to go and watch the movie. However, we saw a unique think which is one of its kind as the foreign minister of India out of nowhere issued a statement on the movie.

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The movie depicts a scene in which Indian people residing in Gulf are facing troubles due to invasions and they need to be carried out. The minister had this to say:

“@AirliftFilm: Great entertainment but rather short on facts. Films often take liberties with actual events, with facts. And this particular film has… taken a lot of artistic liberties in the depiction of events as they actually happened in Kuwait in 1990. We hope that the film will inspire the people to read about the actual events that took place.”

The movie reflects on the mission of evacuation of Indians from Kuwait in 1990. The duration of the mission was around 2 months and in due course around 500 flights were utilized. Official statement from the ministry said:

“Given Bollywood’s hold over the popular imagination, we thought it would be best to recount the facts — that it was a stellar team effort of diplomats, bureaucrats, Air India pilots and active citizens in the region that ensured the biggest evacuation in history.”