How will you feel if someone calls you ‘Moti..gaindi..Kaali’??

These Pakistani women have been subjected to body shaming since they were kids. Zainab Chughtai posted this heartbreaking video on her Facebook page.

The mental torture and trauma that these women had to go through when they faced brutal comments on their physique is shown in the video.

This video is part of a social awareness campaign against bullying. Zainab Chughtai, a Lahore-based criminal lawyer, founded BullyProof in 2014.

Chugtai on her Facebook page has said,

“This is us taking back our own bodies, and owning our own skins. We are enough. I am enough. This is the beginning of something beautiful, and the first of much more such confessionals to come.”

We respect and salute these women for restoring their self-belief.