Mawra Hocane’s movie, her first in Bollywood was released recently by the title of Sanam Teri Kasam. A lot was expected from the movie but the final verdict shows a mix in trends in terms of liking the movie. Despite all this, it is for sure that the Pakistani actress put up a brilliant performance.

The Pakistani actress, Mawra improved her acting skills through her appearances in the drama serials and according to the star herself, working in Bollywood improved her as a person.

“After working here I must say I am a changed person, better yet, I am a learned person,” Mawra said in an interview with The Hindu. “Vinay and Radhika ma’am (directors) supported me and believed in me to be part of this traditional love story. Even when I was unable to give a particular shot, they continued to believe in me and helped me give my best.”

Mawra Hocane is as we all know very talented and with the sort of position she was put into, critics say that the youngster was able to put up an amazing performance. The actress in an interview also explained as to why the industries in India and Pakistan could not be compared.

“The dominant medium in Pakistan is television and in India, it is cinema. So there is no comparison between them,”

She added. “However one crucial difference, in my opinion, is that of scrutiny. There is less scrutiny involved in serials but on the big screen, every action is meticulously scrutinized, which means we have to work even harder.”

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