I am impressed by the perfection of dialogue delivery in Pakistani dramas: Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher is one of those timeless faces that have defined Indian entertainment for decades. He started from theater, went on to conquer the big screen with countless mind blowing performances, winning many awards and has his own show The Anupam Kher Show – Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai.

Apart from his own work it is the Pakistani dramas that have bought his attention. “Indian artists always wanted Pakistani dramas to air in India and to make that possible we were talking to our Pakistani friends for quite some time,” Kher told Roznama Express.

He was always in favour of Pakistani dramas being aired in India like the Indian dramas are aired in Pakistan. “In yesteryears we used to send this message across with any colleague who went to Pakistan but making this exchange of TV dramas possible took us a longer than expected,” said Kher.

Kher, admired by many for his powerful dialogue delivery and command on various accents and dialects is a fan of the way Urdu is spoken in Pakistani dramas.

“I am impressed by the perfection of diction and the smoothness with which they deliver Urdu dialogues in Pakistani dramas. We have been teaching Pakistani dramas in our academies for quite some time and even the Indian audience admires Pakistani dramas like the Pakistani audience admires Bollywood films,” he said.

Kher said that if artists from the two countries can collaborate then the audiences from both sides of the border will get to watch better quality films and dramas.

Source Express Tribune

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