Pakistani film industry is on the rise once again as actors have united for the revival of the ever so dying cinema. We have seen stars from all walks of the industry doing work constantly and with full force in order to take the industry to where it once was.

Shafqat Cheema has been doing villain roles in the past and still continues to do so. He has been associated with the industry for a long time.

Safqat was recently invited on Nadia Khan show and he had something to say about Pakistani actress Reema.

On Nadia Khan’s morning show Shafqat Cheema expressed his love Reema. He said that he had proposed Reema in the past but she rejected his proposal. Safqat further added that he still loves her deeply even though she is happily married now.

Watch what he had to say about Reema that might amaze you:

Credits: Geo