Ayeza Khan is among those celebrities who the fans love to see on screen and follow on social media.


She was absent from the screen for quite a bit after her marriage with Danish Taimoor and now she has made a comeback with her drama on Urdu1 alongside the handsome Iman Abbas.

Well we have seen Ayeza giving interviews and this time around she gave another one.

During the course of the interview she told her future plans as well as styles.

Ayeza explained:

“I think no one should tag any expectations from me (laughs), I might disappear after Tum Kon Piya. On a serious note, anything can happen. I maybe doing something for the big screen or may continue doing TV serials.”

Talking about the hard work she put in, Ayeza said

“The fame and success was not overnight for me. I have spent a great deal of time and learnt a lot before I could be called a promising name in the TV industry. “

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Talking about her style and the kind of fashion she likes, Ayeza shared:

“I am not really into brands, I buy things from almost everywhere. I am a very simple girl when it comes to shopping. I do not buy expensive clothes.”

Talking about her style Ayeza further added:

“I try to keep my style simple and buy clothes that any of the spectators sees and wants to copy that particular style they can do it easily without going for expensive options.”

Ayeza Khan with husband Danish Taimoor:


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