We have seen a lot of videos of Ayesha Sana all over the internet that show her rude behavior with the staff and people who do not do what she tells them. We have never seen Ayesha responding to these sort of question but when she appeared on a morning show she was asked about the bright karain video.

“Sometimes things are shown out of context. No one knows what went on behind the scenes. Things like this happen with everyone backstage but we forgive and forget in no time.”

Talking about the people making mocking video of her, this is what she said, “With friends like these who needs enemies!”

She further talking about her said,

“I am a perfectionist. I am very conscious about everything. It is something that is in my genes and you can’t fight your genes. I am nothing compared to my sisters and Phupos, I am untidy and imperfect in front of them.”

Look who we spotted at the red carpet premier of #Bachaana! It is #AyeshaSana of course!!!

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In sort of a response to all the video saga she said

“In school I used to get ulcers, I used to worry about things so much. I used to take so much stress of my studies when I was a student. The good thing about that was that in school I topped in Cambridge.”

There were a lot of other things that she talked about and some included the likes of her personality. The host said that she got married while she was still attending school and always wanted to be a host of a live broadcasting show.