“I am very spiritual, I leave most things to God” – Mathira

Mathira has lately been focusing more on her singing. She joined hands with singers Furqan and Imran to add some part of her very own “talent” in their song. Mathira is seen singing the English lyrics in the song which is in Urdu. Mathira’s singing is not the least bit impressive but Mathira will not allow anyone to make her feel like she does not have a future in music. Mathira has a very strong personality and she is seldom affected by what people say about her.

Fifi Haroon recently took Mathira’s interview for BBC Urdu in which she expressed her opinion about different aspects of her life and how people look at her. Mathira also shared her views as a mother, she said, “it’s the duty of every mother to provide good values to his son.”

In her interview Mathira also said,

“I think every woman has a right to look sexy without being blamed..Men get happy. Women think I’m a naughty bachi & want to fix me!”

Mathira said that sometimes public makes her a villain and sometimes a hero. Fifi Haroon asked some very controversial questions like about the Pakistan Fashion Week event in which Mathira’s top slipped down. Mathira said that what happened was an accident although people said this was a publicity stunt.

Mathira said that sometimes when people want to be famous sometimes they stupid things to get attention. Mathira said I don’t want to be famous but I want to concentrate on quality work. Mathira said she will never do something foolish to get attention.

Here is the video of her latest song: