I Became an Actress on My Own: Sila Hussain

In today’s Pakistani showbiz industry well-educated families are allowing their children to work in Lollywood. From time to time you will see the British Pakistanis, American and Canadian Pakistanis all try their luck in Pakistan! Sila Hussain is one such name who did everything on her own, she may be lucky but up till now she has finished a good 10-12 movies! Sila Hussain’s movies were bigger hit in the Pashto industry especially her Pashtu film, “Bazigar.” Sila Hussain said that she had completed her MA and then tried her luck in the cinema of Pakistan.

Silla used to watch old Pakistani movies to learn and she found her roles models in Sabiha Khanum, Shamim Ara, Rani Begum and Nayer Sultana. In an interview with Lollywood Café, Silla Hussain said that it was her dream to come on the silver screen and today her dreams have been achieved.

She also added that these days she is more busy with TV dramas and modeling and hope that she gets as successful on the ramp as she did in Lollywood films! She told Lollywood Café that according to her, an actor must be active in all fields. One can catch her on Aaj Kal Tv in her drama series, “Aandhiyan” aur “Ghar.” Besides the drama series, Sila can be seen in multi-national commercials aswell.